The Haands Free Bucket Bags: The Intersection of Fashion and Functionality

The practical and pretty accessory helps you go hands-free effortlessly

September 2023: Functional, roomy and filled with character, the bucket bag is a practical accessory that balances fashion and utility. A brand dedicated to this vision is Haands Free, a convenient luxury brand that caters to the need for ease and utilitarianism (with style) in today’s time. Without compromising on the style and design of the accessories, the brand primarily focuses on phone utility straps that feature attached phone covers for the chic, stylish and conscious consumer. Its bucket bag range is equally avant-garde.

Haands Free products are crafted with premium quality materials as the label revolutionises the way people carry their essentials. The brand is a perfect blend of fashion-forward designs and practical functionality. This fashionable add-on also fits the brief of mindful luxury with its use of cruelty-free alternatives like 100% vegan leather for handbags. Styles like the Gold Vegan Leather Bucket Bag with Short Detachable Strap and Long Detachable Body Strap lets you carry your phone and other essentials like make up pouch, keys and more. Style it in multiple ways; it’s perfect to just grab and go.

Unlike other bucket bags, the Haands Free version comes as a three piece set. The bag has both short and long straps to be adjusted to your convenience without taking away from your chic look. The wide base enables support and roomy for your many small and big sized collectables. The sturdy circular bottom design prevents the bag from flopping over on the table, holding all your essentials intact. The grain leather gives it an uptown look. Take them from day to night for an elevated ‘hands free’ experience.